560000 :Ontwikkelingsleer
(Developmental Psychology (Dutch Program))

General info

Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction 16 lectures and 4 seminars (Lecture schedule)
Type of exams Written (multiple choice) (Examination schedule)
Course load:6 ECTS credits
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dr. G.H. van Roekel (Coördinator)

prof. dr. J.J.A. Denissen

dr. T.A. Klimstra

dr. A.A.J. Wismeijer


At the end of the course a student can:
1. Describe normative development; explain developmental milestones and phases and indicate when they occur in development.
2. Explain and compare different theoretical approaches to different developmental phenomena (e.g. attachment).
3. Describe strengths and weaknesses of different methods to study development.
4. Explain and analyze key issues in developmental psychology, including:
• complex interplay between nature and nurture
• protective and risk factors in development
• continuity and change between different stages of development from conception to old age
• links between different domains of development (e.g. biological, cognitive, social, emotional)


Developmental psychology examines changes in social-emotional, cognitive and biological development from conception to old age. More specifically, factors are examined which bring about this development, or that affect development in a positive or negative way.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the most important contemporary developmental theories, research approaches and themes. Development patterns will be discussed from conception to old age.


The course exam will be composed of multiple choice questions only. More information about the course will be available on Blackboard. Students are asked to consult Blackboard for up to date information on the course and announcements regarding the course.

Compulsory Reading

  1. Janet K. Belsky, Experiencing the Lifespan, Worth Publishers Inc, 2016 (4th edition), ISBN 9781464175947.
  2. Up-to-date information on Blackboard.

Compulsory for

  • Bachelor Psychology (Dutch Program) ( 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 )
  • Bachelor Psychology and Health ( 2014, 2015 )
  • Bachelor Psychology and Society ( 2014, 2015 )
  • Major Work and Organizational Psychology ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Cognitive Neuropsychology (Dutch Program) ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Economic Psychology ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Forensic Psychology (Dutch Program) ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Clinical Psychology (Dutch Program) ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Medical Psychology (Dutch Program) ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Developmental Psychology and Lifespan Psychology (Dutch Program) ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Psychological Methods and Data Analysis ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Major Social Psychology ( 2016, 2017 )