620822 :Advanced Topics in Intellectual Property Law

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Instruction language English
Type of Instruction Lectures, Study of literature (Lecture schedule)
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Course load:6 ECTS credits
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M. Husovec (coördinator)


  • Through in-depth study of recent developments, the students will gain the ability to explain and evaluate the ways in which new technologies interact with intellectual property rights, and vice versa. <
  • By closely discussing the available options of the policy-makers, the students will learn how to compare the costs and benefits of various innovation policy strategies.


This course is an advanced course in intellectual property and technology. The course will analyze a variety of situations where technology is shaping, challenging or strengthening the goals of intellectual property law. It will cover a carefully selected number of case studies relating to practical issues such as enforcement of copyright in the digital age, open source licensing, domain name dispute management, technological standardization, data portability and liability of internet platforms.


The course ''European Intellectual Property Law and Technology" will provide you with a necessary introduction to the area of intellectual property law.

Compulsory Reading

  1. Husovec, Syllabus 2017. Blackboard
  2. Annette Kur, Thomas Dreier, European Intellectual Property Law, Edward Elgar, 2013, ISBN 9781848448803.

Recommended Reading

  1. Justine Pila and Paul Torremans, European Intellectual Property Law, OUP, 2016.

Recommended Prerequisites

Intellectuele eigendomsrecht (Intellectual Property Law), European Intellectual Property Law and Technology

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