E30144 :Career Development BSc EBE

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Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction Career related training and workshops and career events (Lecture schedule)
Type of exams No exam (No data available yet)
Course load:0 ECTS credits
Registration:See lecture schedule and/or websites career activities
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Before you will know, you are graduated and you are going to enter the job market. To be ready for the job market, good preparation is important. The sooner you start to discover “who am I?’, “what am I good at?”, and “what do I want?”, the easier it is to enter the job market. The career related activities that are visible in this course Career Development are on top of your study program (not mandatory), but can be really useful in your preparation for the labor market.

After participation in the information sessions, training and workshops of Student Career Services and career events, students have the knowledge and skills needed in order to be prepared for entering the labor market. They can reflect upon themselves in terms of qualities, pitfalls, values and interests in relation to the labor market and they have a good idea about the career possibilities after graduation.


Information sessions about labor market preparation

Training and workshops, divided in the following categories with a clear, logical structure:

What is right for you?

Reorientation on study program year 1
Reorientation on MSc choice year 2/3
Talentmanagement year 2/3

Applying for a job

Letter and CV year 2/3
Job Interview year 2/3
Personal Branding and Networking year 3
LinkedIn year 3
Prepare for Assessments year 3


Mondeling presenteren year 2/3

Most training and workshops are offered in both Dutch and English. For more information, costs and registration, click on the training/workshop of your interest or check the lecture schedule.

Career events

Study- and student associations organize several career events every year in cooperation with Career Services. These career events help students to orient and explore the job market. You can attend for example inhouse-days, company visits, excursions, information sessions, seminars, conferences. The Economic Business Week and Tilburg Career Days are the largest annual events on campus and offer students the opportunity to get in contact with companies by means of company presentations, cases, and speed dates. Moreover, during these events training and workshops are offered to improve students’ application skills.

The relevant career events and activities for students EBE are included in the schedule of this course Career Development BSc EBE.


- The Career Development activities are not mandatory and you don’t obtain ECTs for these activities.
- For participation in training and workshops and career events a small fee can be requested.

Recommended option for

  • BSc EBE, track Financial Management ( 2017 )
  • BSc EBE, track Commercieel Management ( 2017 )
  • BSc EBE, track Economics and Society ( 2017 )
  • BSc Economics and Business Economics ( 2017 )