300TMA :BSc Thesis Marketing

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Instruction language English
Type of Instruction Plenary lecture + group meetings + individual feedback meetings with coach (No data available yet)
Type of exams paper (Bachelor Thesis) (No data available yet)
Course load:12 ECTS credits
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dr. G. Knox (coördinator)


At the end of the thesis, students should develop:
  • Information literacy: the ability to identify, locate, evaluate and effectively use that information for the problem.
  • Scientific reasoning: e.g., applying a theory where it has not been applied before, synthesizing exiting theories, create own theory to explain diverging results
  • Written and oral communication skills: effective oral presentation of work-in-progress, effective written presentation of thesis.


The bachelor thesis involves a careful review and synthesis of existing literature. The end result is a document that presents a conceptual framework that includes relevant factors and their interrelations. Even though the bachelor thesis contains no empirical analysis of one’s own, the student should propose a research method suitable for testing the proposed conceptual framework.


All bachelors theses in marketing are written in English. The thesis is written within a strict time schedule that will be posted on blackboard. If your grade is insufficient to pass, you will get the opportunity to improve your thesis in the resit. The thesis should contain no more than 20 pages (excluding abstract, table of contents, references and appendices). See the bachelor thesis guide for more details. Students can choose to write the thesis in Semester 1 or Semester 2. Participating in the thesis process is restricted to once per year, and never in two consecutive semesters (see details below).

The prerequisite for the Bachelor Thesis Marketing is that you have at least obtained 120 ECTS of the curriculum if you start writing the bachelor thesis in semester 6 and at least 138 ECTS if you start writing the bachelor thesis in semester 7 or later. Next to that you have followed and passed at least 2 courses related to the research areas of the department of Marketing.

Business Administration (Bedrijfseconomie) students need to have followed and passed:

  • Marketing 1
  • Marketing 2
  • Presentatie vaardigheden
  • Schriftelijke vaardigheden

International Business Administration students need to have followed and passed:
  • Marketing Management
  • Decision Making in Marketing
  • Skills file (writing skills, presentation skills, excel skills)

The bachelor thesis process involves strict time schedules, deadlines and a special registration system. Details are communicated through Blackboard. The registration deadline for students who will write the thesis in semester 1 is in August (the exact date and time will be announced on Blackboard as soon as possible). The registration deadline for students who want to write the thesis in semester 2 will be in January (the exact date and time will be announced on Blackboard).

It is not possible to start the Bachelor Thesis process in two consecutive semesters. Thus, students who enroll in a thesis topic in Marketing in the Fall semester (semester 1) but fail (grade <5.5) or quit the course are NOT allowed to redo the Bachelor Thesis in any of the 4 specializations (Accounting, Finance, Marketing or Management) in the Spring semester (semester 2). Similarly, students who enroll in the Spring (semester 2) are not allowed to restart again in the Fall (semester 1) of the next academic year. You need to wait at least one semester before you can again start with the Bachelor Thesis at TiSEM.

The thesis process follows strict deadlines. The exact dates are communicated through Blackboard. The registration system opens approximately one month before each start of the thesis process. Registration for the bachelor thesis is mandatory. Keep in mind, registration via blackboard is not the same as registration via. Enroll in both. Do NOT enroll in Comap.

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