424529 :Introduction to Research Methodology


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prof. dr. J.M. Wicherts

M.B. Nuijten MSc

Doel van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

This course teaches students to assess the possibilities, impediments, and problems of research in psychology. The science of psychology has certain rules that will be addressed critically during this course by using examples from the psychological literature. What are the methods of psychological research? Why are these methods employed and what are common pitfalls in psychological research? What are constructs like intelligence and can we measure these? The presentation of practical, methodological, and philosophical issues will be combined with an emphasis on the possibilities and impediments of scientific research in psychology.

Inhoud van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

  • Formulate and specify psychological questions: the stages of psychological research from operationalization of variables to reporting of the study.
  • The empirical cycle; relation between empirical findings and theory.
  • Psychological measurement: measurement scales, reliability and validity
  • Observations of behavior and pitfalls associated with them.
  • Setting up and executing experiments: dependent and independent variables, experimental control, internal validity, external validity
  • Randomization, matching, repeated measures designs
  • Factorial designs: main effects & interactions
  • Correlational research: surveys and sampling
  • N=1 experimental designs
  • Quasi-experimental research: Problems in non-equivalent groups and longitudinal designs
  • Generalizability of findings Research ethics

Bijzonderheden (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

Students are strongly encouraged to follow the tutorials. Each of the 10 tutorial meetings has a short exam with which students can compensate their exam grade for the final course grade. The average from the ten short exams is taken into account for a third of the final course grade if the short-exam grade is higher than the exam grade.

Verplichte literatuur

  1. Beth Morling, Research Methods in Psychology - Evaluating a World of Information (2nd edition), W. W. Norton, New York, 2015 (2nd edition), ISBN 9780393571615.
  2. Sheets of lectures are available on Blackboard.

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