421004 :Classical and Modern Sociology in Action


Voertaal Engels
Werkvorm: Voor het laatst aangeboden in 2016/2017 (Geen informatie over collegetijden bekend)
Tentamenvorm: Essays, presentations, and exam (Tentamenrooster)
Studielast:6 ECTS credits
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prof. dr. P.H.J. Achterberg

Doel van de cursus

To read sections of modern-classic cultural sociological books and to reconstruct central research questions, 
theories, method, and empirical findings. Students will read a selected number of chapters from 
modern-classic cultural sociological books from (roughly) the 1950s to now. The books presented center 
around the theme of culture and cover a variety of research methods (quantitative and 
qualitative methods). By reconstructing the central research questions, theories, method, and 
empirical findings students will gain more knowledge on each of these elements.


Inhoud van de cursus

Each week the course covers one or two chapters of a so-called modern classic in cultural sociology. The lectures are 
intended to introduce the book and the broader sociological context. In (most of the ) workgroups 
we will discuss these chapters in relation to more recent research articles which deal with roughly 
the same themes as the classics.


This course was last offered in 2016-2017

Verplichte literatuur

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Gewenste voorkennis

Key Questions in Sociology 1 and 2

Verplicht voor

  • Bachelor Sociologie ( 2015, 2016 )
  • Pre-master Sociology Spring Semester ( 2016 )