400940 :ReMa-IDA: Ethics and Data Management


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Studielast:3 ECTS credits
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prof. dr. J.M. Wicherts (Coordinator)

Doel van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

Students learn the basic principles of scientific integrity and ethics (with emphasis on issues of individual differences research, such as participants' privacy); they apply these principles to their own research design and data; they learn to critically evaluate ethics proposals and datamanagement protocols. 

Inhoud van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

The course consists of lectures in which basic principles of scientific integrity, research ethics, and datamanagement are addressed. Both abstract guides as well as models of good (and bad) practice are reviewed and discussed. One of the workshops is focused on information about the structure and workings of the TSB Science Committee. This workshop is given by the chair of this Committee (currently: Prof. Dr. Marc van Veldhoven). In the second workshop, students are assigned a broad research idea that they have to transform into a viable IRB proposal. Students simulate the work of the IRB and evaluate a selection of complex proposals. This workshop is chaired by the chair of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Ethics Committee (Dr. Nina Kupper). Following this exercise, students write a detailed IRB proposal to obtain permission for their Master Thesis’ research design. Finally, in the third workshop, they are asked to write a data management plan and a study pre-registration.

Bijzonderheden (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

Students gather for 6 interactive lectures of two hours each. In addition, they attend 3 (mandatory) workshops of 3 hours each. 

Verplichte literatuur

  1. Israel, M., Research ethics and integrity for social scientists: Beyond regulatory compliance, Sage Publications, 2014, ISBN 9781446207499.

Verplicht voor

  • Research Master in Individual Difference and Assessment ( 2016, 2017 )