T80001 :Methodological Skills


Voertaal Engels
Werkvorm: seminars or tutorials (Geen informatie over collegetijden bekend)
Tentamenvorm: four partial papers (Geen informatie over tentamendata bekend)
Studielast:7,5 ECTS credits
Inschrijving:Inschrijven via COMAP. Enrolment from August 1 to August 20
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Doel van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

  • The student acquires a systematic insight into four major methods in the academic study of religion.
  • The student is able to recognize methodological approaches in existing publications and apply one of those methods as an exercise in methodological skills
  • The student has a methodological toolbox at his/her disposal that enables the writing of a creative, critical, well-researched and well-argued research proposal.

Inhoud van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

In this course four important methods, used in modern and late modern theology and religious studies, will be presented: 1. historical methods; 2. hermeneutics; 3. ethnography; 4. social-scientific methods. With each of these four approaches we will get acquainted on three levels: firstly, an introduction, in which we use one classical text typical of that approach; secondly, we will be informed how this approach works in practice, by studying a text written by a renowned expert; and thirdly by applying this specific method ourselves with regard to a given, well-defined problem in theology and/or religious studies. Finally, we will study an overview of classical methods in theology and religious studies as a foil to these four modern and late modern methods.

Bijzonderheden (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

This course is coordinated by dr. Nugteren whereas its four distinct parts are taught by four colleagues, each an expert in one of the fields. These four parts may be given in the form of tutorials, or may be constituents of parallel Master trajectories within Tilburg School of Humanities.