390302 :MSc Thesis Econometrics and Mathematical Economics


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dr. M. Salm

Doel van de cursus (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

The aim of a Master's thesis is to learn to do independent scientific research, and to write, present, and defend scientific work concerning a quantitative/econometric topic belonging to the area of Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. The derived objectives are

  • to formulate and operationalize a problem independently;
  • to find the appropriate (scientific) literature independently;
  • to be able to judge the literature in a critical way.

Bijzonderheden (alleen in het Engels beschikbaar)

The subject of the thesis (based on an internship or not) should meet the following criteria:

  • the research involved should be related to topics dealt with in the Econometrics and Mathematical Economics curriculum and should include sufficient quantitative aspects;
  • the project should go beyond applying general and current techniques or principles. The project should broaden or deepen the student's understanding of certain topics. This may be achieved by applying current techniques to new fields of application, or by developing new methods for solving existing or new problems;
  • the project should allow students sufficient scope to operate creatively and independently.

For further information about the thesis see the general description on Blackboard. If Blackboard says: 'Access denied', refresh the screen and login. For the Master's Thesis you can enroll in the Blackboard page MSc Thesis EME, ORMS, QFAS (course code 35M2C0). In order to start the Master's thesis 30 ECTS of the master program need to be passed.

Verplicht voor

  • Econometrics and Mathematical Economics: Netspar Specialization ( 2014, 2015 )
  • MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics ( 2014, 2015 )

Mogelijk interessant voor

  • MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics ( 2016, 2017 )
  • Econometrics and Mathematical Economics: Netspar Specialization ( 2016, 2017 )