760990 :Bachelor Thesis PEW
(Bachelor's Thesis: Human Resource Studies)

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Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction Introductory lecture (2 times a year), small group meetings (Lecture schedule)
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Course load:12 ECTS credits
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dr. M. Verhagen (Coördinator)
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Students will be able to apply the theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills which they have acquired during the bachelor programme, in order to write a research paper individually. The paper must be written as a scientific article and will be based on an analysis of scientific literature or on research data.


The bachelor's thesis is the final assignment of the bachelor programme Human Resource Studies. The student may choose the topic of his or her thesis from a list of pre-selected themes, published by the department HR Studies every year.
The bachelor's thesis is an individually written paper. The contents of the thesis will consist of executing parts of the research cycle in a methodologically sound way, and of interpreting and reporting the obtained research findings.
The thesis can contain a specific literature search about a theoretical or practical matter that is relevant to the programme. Or the thesis can entail empirical research activities which are based on a theoretical or professional relevant research question. Because students will not go through the whole research cycle during the bachelor thesis, the latter will be an empirical study using an existing data set.
More information about the bachelor's thesis and an overview of the subjects is available on Blackboard Courseinfo.


Students that meet the requirements can start with their bachelor's thesis on February 15th. Students that have planned to study abroad in the second semester have the option to start with the thesis in the beginning of September. During an informative meeting the structure of the bachelor thesis will be explained. During the execution of the Bachelor thesis project, each theme is organized in a so-called thesis circle, which is supervised by a member of the department, in which research results are presented and discussed. The bachelor's thesis has the format of a scientific article, between 6.000 and 8.000 words. The thesis meets the requirements of the publication requirements of the APA. The thesis projects are evaluated by two members of the department on the basis of criteria derived from four main categories: quality of the content of the thesis (e.g. research question, proper use of research methodologies), process (e.g. level of self-activation), form (e.g. logical and consistent composition of the thesis), and presentation (e.g. correct use of language and references).

Required Prerequisites

In order to be allowed to participate in this course, at least all courses from the propedeutic phase AND at least 60 ECTS from the post propedeutic phase have to be completed successfully.

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