760112 :Academische vaardigheden PEW 3: paper
(Academic Skills: Human Resource Studies 3: paper)

General info

Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction Work groups and intervision work groups (Lecture schedule)
Type of exams Presence, assignments, final paper (No data available yet)
Course load:2 ECTS credits
Registration:Enroll via COMAP.
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S.M.E. van den Groenendaal MSc (Coördinator)

N. Philip


After finishing the course ‘Academic Skills 3’, the student is able to:

Do research

  • design an own empirical study, through setting up a cover letter and composing a questionnaire, and conducting an empirical study according to the instructions;
  • analyse the gathered data in order to test the hypothesis of their literature study (ACVA 2);
  • interpret the results on the hypothesis;

Write a scientific empirical study

  • report about the method and results on the hypothesis according to the APA reference style;
  • summarize both their literature study (ACVA 2) and empirical study (ACVA 3) into an abstract and a conclusion;
  • put their own literature study (ACVA 2) and empirical study (ACVA 3) into a broader perspective and reflect on both studies as a whole;
  • apply the APA reference style in their text and reference list.


In this course the students learn how to set up, conduct, and analyse a small empirical study. In addition, the students learn how to report about the empirical study in the form of a scientific paper. This empirical study is the sequel of the literature study which the students conducted during the course ACVA 2. Similar to the course ACVA 2, the course ACVA 3 provides the basis for developing skills needed for doing scientific research with extensive instructions and assignments.


Students passed the course ACVA 3, if the student:

  • has participated actively in the obligatory workgroups (sufficient/insufficient);
  • has passed all the assignments sufficiently and submitted the assignments on time (sufficient/insufficient);
  • has passed the final assignment ‘writing the method section, result section, conclusion and discussion of the empirical study’ with a sufficient grade (a 6.0 or higher).

If the student did not complete the course ACVA 3 successfully, the student is required to participate again in the course ACVA 3 in the next academic year. This means that the student is required to attend all workgroups and computer lab sessions, do the assignments and write a new ACVA 3 paper. For the ACVA 3 paper a completely new topic must be chosen. 


Recommended Prerequisites

ACVA 1 and ACVA 2

Compulsory for