400992 :Arbeidsmarktstage Sociologie
(Traineeship Sociology)

General info

Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction traineeship (No data available yet)
Type of exams Traineeship report (No data available yet)
Course load:6 ECTS credits
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dr. I.J.P. Sieben (Coördinator)


  • learn to work in sociological professions;
  • learn to apply sociological theories and/or methods and techniques in practice;
  • gain new insight and experience that was not addressed within the bachelor program;
  • independent orientation at the labor market;
  • learn to work in organizations, and to gain a better picture of sociological professions;
  • increase the social network of students relevant for the labor market.


This course offers third years students in sociology the possibility to gain experience in sociological professions in one of a wide array of organizations. Students will do a traineeship in a relevant organization for 168 hours. This can be done fulltime in 4 weeks, but also part-time during the semester or academic year. The traineeship will involve doing specific activities relevant at 3d year level, such as writing reports and policy notes, organizing fieldwork/surveys, coding and analysing data, reviewing literature, transferring knowledge; in short, doing the sociological 'hands-on' work.

The array of potential organizations is wide, varying from national research institutes to local non-research organizations. Supervision of the traineeship is done by the organisation, in consultation with the coordinator of this course. At the start of the internship, students write a traineeship plan, with learning goals. The traineeship will be finished with a traineeship report in which the student a.o. reflects on the learning goals.


The grade of the course is sufficient or insufficient and is based on the traineeship report. A retake is possible within 2 months after handing in the first report.

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