400146 :Primaire relaties
(Family Relationships)

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Instruction language Dutch
Type of Instruction Lectures, seminars, compulsory seminars (Lecture schedule)
Type of exams Assignments, presentation, final exam (Examination schedule)
Course load:6 ECTS credits
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I.A. van Deurzen-Pop (Coördinator)


After the course, students have to:

  • Have gained knowledge about theory and recent findings regarding health from a life-course perspective; -
  • Be able to derive conclusions regarding interventions and policies targeting nowadays relevant social problems in the field of social determinants of health.


Health is an important dimension of wellbeing and a central topic in sociology. The knowledge regarding the relationship between social and individual characteristics and health has clear policy implications and can bring a significant contribution to the better functioning of society and individuals.

This course has central the analysis of health from a life-course perspective. More specific the course is built around the following questions:

  • How is health in different periods in life shaped by individual and social characteristics?
  • What is the life course influence of specific situations that occur in a particular point in time?
  • Is the prevention of illness possible?



The final grade is made of the following components:

  • Average of 5 quizzes, where the lowest score does not count - individual grade (25%); -
  • Grade of the presentation during the debate - group grade (25%).
  • Grade of the written examination - individual grade (50%).
The grades of the three components can compensate.

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